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Antenatal Care

Pregnancy belly

Antenatal care refers to care of women during their pregnancy. Antenatal care commonly commences in the first trimester of pregnancy around 10-12 weeks, with visits every 4 weeks until 28 weeks. From there the visits become fortnightly until 36 weeks, and weekly until the baby arrives. If any complications occur during the pregnancy then the visit schedule may change. 

The main goal of antenatal care is ensuring a healthy mum and baby. At each visit the blood pressure is recorded, and the baby is listened to. For some women they may need to be weighed during the visit or have their urine tested. By having an Obstetrician care for you during your pregnancy, if any complications occur you can still have continuity of care. 


At varying stages of the pregnancy different diagnostic tests will be requested to ensure optimal health of both mother and baby. If any abnormalities are detected during any of theses tests it may result in the visit schedule changing. 

Dr Davenport is able to care for both high and low risk pregnancies for all of her women. Dr Davenport delivers all of her ladies exclusively from the Rockhampton Mater Hospital. By having rooms adjacent to the Mater Hospital it allows Dr Davenport to be available to her patients. 


As an Obstetrician Dr Davenport is highly trained in vaginal birth, Instrumental deliveries, and caesarean sections- both elective and emergencies. 

Dr Davenport works in collaberation with the other Mater Obstetricians for weekend and leave cover. Drs Shaker, Etherington and Roopnarinesingh help care for our women.